Thursday, 28 January 2016

Adding light to others

This is the year to tune into the hearts and minds of people around us and to see their best and not their failings. If not, this adds to the negativity of the planet which we have too much of already. Lets turn off the negative news and empower the mind, body & souls of our brothers and sisters. We hear more fear than love. It's time to dip into our spiritual bag of love & compassion and add more light to the lives of others.
When you value you, you get your value.

2016 - A karmic year

2016 is a 9 world year (2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9) and marks a year of enhanced spiritual development and is a time to focus on both the inner and outer in order to improve our lives. It’s important to pay close attention to our nightly dreams as they will reveal key messages on our path including the openings and potentials along the way. This is a great year for people who are not currently integrating spiritual work in their life to open up and learn more. Being close to the water and feeling the energies of it will help to channel the emotional vibrations more easily.

2016 is a time to let go of our fears and embrace new things. Crystal power will also be important this year as they will help to enhance the energies and support our emotional and spiritual growth while cleansing negativity. Energies are heightened on the ethereal level during this year so we must not discard any messages or feelings we sense and attune to.

This is an ideal time to write down our feelings, goals and aspirations and ask Spirit to work with us to attain them. It’s also time to recognise and pay homage to people in our life who have passed over and who guide us on the earthly plane. Say a blessing of thanks and express gratitude for their support and guidance. The number 9 covers the element of water so we can offer our blessings and gratitude to the water, asking for calmness and gentleness in the Universe.

2016 will be a time for conception of children with greater spiritual potential or a deeper nature. There are 9 steps of enlightenment and with 2016 being a 9 year, this is a time of Universal spiritual growth where we Universally come together as one.