Monday, 10 July 2017

What's the world coming to?

Do you wonder what’s happening to the world and the constant catastrophes we hear about?  Spirit is showing us what can happen if we keep treating the planet like a junk heap and polluting it.  Things will only get worse if we ignore the obvious and don’t change our ways.  Don’t listen to the G20 summit – the numbers alone show there is deception there.  People all over the world are ‘waking up’ and that’s why politics and divisions in society are widening, there is unrest and dissatisfaction everywhere.  These were all the same things that happened before all wars.  Do we learn from our past or are we being manipulated again?  Open your mind to Spirit and listen to the truth.  Ask yourself why are there so many people committing suicide or suffering from depression, Alzheimer’s and dementia when supposedly the world is more advanced than ever?  This is not the way of Spirit!  Open yourself up to the bigger picture of life and learn how to see the truth yourself.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Views on Religion

Religion can be a great thing for some people or it can be a downright nightmare.  It all comes down to how you work with it.  Religion should be something to help, guide, support and empower you. When it control, restricts or sends you on a path of anger, revenge, judgement or hate masquerading as a higher power then it is obviously flawed.  Don't be tempted to live by the book which is written by man for the control of man.  The message of love and guidance has been twisted to suit the organisation for the purposes of control.  Most of these teachings (Book of Revelations) are thousands of years old and rarely apply to today's thinking.  Personally, I don't need a book to guide me - it's built in (in all of us) already and I can tune into Source any time I want to.  I don't need someone telling me if its right or wrong - I (and all of us) were gifted with that when we were born. If religion preaches more hate, separatism and fear than love, truth and understanding they've lost me!