Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The power of projection

We’ve probably all heard stories about the power of projection and I experienced it again today with my 7yo son. He is very intuitive and loves all the normal things young boys do but also has a strong interest in his mother’s crystals and their meanings. This morning I walked him to school with him riding his bike and me walking behind him.

Several minutes in to our journey I noticed a man sitting in a car that was parked on the side of the road in front of us. I focused on this man and instantly got a negative feeling about him. As my son was riding some metres ahead of me I didn’t yell out to him but thought and projected my feelings to him. At that very moment my son stopped in his tracks and said ‘Dad did you just call my name? I could hear you”. I said no I didn’t but I just sent my thoughts and feelings about the driver of the car to you. I had to laugh when he told me that he had noticed him and didn’t like the guy either. This just goes to show that the power of love and projection is very real and is a real asset for us all.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Simian Lines

Simian Line
Did you know that only 10 – 15% of the population have a simian line on their palm? 

A simian line is when your heart line and head line merge together to form one distinct line, rather than two separate lines like the majority of us have.  Having a simian line on the palm can make a person very intense.  It can be hard for them to show their true intentions and feelings as their head and heart are in conflict.

People with a simian line are often very intuitive and intelligent.  If they have these lines on both hands their path is a little more difficult to navigate as complexities are part of their character make up.  If you are dealing with them in a relationship, a family member or even your child you’ll need to stay on your toes at all times.  If your partner has simian lines on both hands you’ll need to be strong, loving, supportive and very patient.  People with simian lines tend to get scattered as they think about too many things, so it’s important not to stifle them and to encourage them to focus their energy in a productive way.  Praise and recognition goes a long way with them!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Here's a dream you might have had; you're at school assembly or in a meeting surrounded by all your friends and peers when to your horror you realise you are totally naked! But what does this mean?

Nudity symbolises many things depending on your circumstances. Horrified at the thought of being naked in public, reflects your vulnerability or feelings of shamefulness. You may be hiding something and are afraid that others can see right through you. It shows how you feel others really perceive you. If they are not noticing your nakedness in the dream it means it is only your perception of how they see you.

Clothes are a metaphor for concealment. Depending on the type of clothes you wear, you can hide your identity or be someone else. But without them, everything is on show for all to see, you are exposed and left with little defences. Thus, your naked dream may be telling you that you are trying to be something that you really are not. Or you are fearful of being ridiculed and embarrassed.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Do you keep seeing the number 11:11?

Many people ask me what it means to see the number 11:11 on their clocks. This is a message from Spirit for you to open up and learn. You see this combination of numbers at the times most significant for you and it relates to business opportunities, courses or important things to learn.

It indicates a time when you need to make important decisions and assert yourself. The number 11 is a master number so this is also an important message about taking the next step in your spiritual development. Next time you see the number 11:11 appear, STOP and attune to the decisions you need to make right then and there. This is about YOU and your next step.

Whenever you see the same number multiple times ie. 1:11, 2:22, 3:33 etc it amplifies the meaning of the number. The number 1 relates to action and new beginnings whereas the number 2 relates to family, partnerships and females.

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Will surgery change your fate?

The lines on your hands are a map of your life and begin to develop around four months gestation during pregnancy. Contrary to many people's beliefs, the lines on your hands DO change and only YOU can change them. The decisions you make and the directions you take in life are all recorded on your palm.

As to the practice of cutting new lines or altering existing lines on your hands in order to change your destiny, well that's another thing.

This article…/japan…/story-fneuz9ev-1226679888787 reveals a new trend in Japan where people are looking to change their fate by palm plastic surgery. 

While this practice may enhance some lines such as the Heart, Life, Sun and Health lines, I believe it would only act as a placebo.  If you believe in it then it may just give you the push to get results.  To pay $1100 to have this procedure done sounds like an act of desperation.  I believe we all have the required energies to make our own destiny and that anything is possible.  So if you are considering this type of surgery, give it lots of thought and if it changes your fate, will that truly be the best for you and your loved ones?

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

What your dreams are really trying to tell you

Your dreams are the sorting house of your subconscious, and help you to work through issues that your conscious mind may be struggling with.  Dreams can empower you to the highest levels of your life and every dream has a hidden message waiting to be found.  As sleep is important to your survival, so are your dreams!

In all the years I've been interpreting dreams, I've found the best way to understand and decode them is to write them down.  I recommend you start a dream journal and you will soon see patterns emerging.  See how many positive or negative signs begin to show up.  

Your dreams will be more intense when important issues are happening in your life, ie. losses, stress, change etc.  Then look to see how often and intense the dreams are.  For example having the same dream for three days in a row or every month in the year.  Consider who is in the dream and how they relate to you.

Some people dream in black and white, however the majority of us dream in colour.  Look at the colours in your dreams as they reveal their own special message.  If your dreams have a lot of red in them and you are dreaming about work, this will relate to intensity or power struggles in the workplace and perhaps even a warning of some kind.  You'll be fascinated by the synchronicity and patterns emerging, and will be able to see more clearly when you have worked through issues, as new types of dreams will begin.

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

What does your name number reveal about you?

Find your name number
Typically the use of numerology involves analysing your date of birth (names change; dates don't).  However, there are certain times when you may want to work out names, for instance naming your child.  Name numerology will also help you to work out the significance of your own name and what it means for you.

To the right is a grid for you to use which shows the letters that each number is equivalent to.  Below I have listed what each name number means but first lets begin with how you work out your name number.  Here I will use model Elle MacPherson, and you will see that I have placed the number that relates to each letter directly under it.  As with number numerology, we always aim to reduce the total sum down to a single figure (unless it is a master number 11, 22, 33 or 44 which are not reduced).

   E  L  L  EElle MacPherson
   5  3  3  5 = 16.  1 + 6 = 7.

   M  A  C  P  H  E  R  S  O  N
   4  1   3   7  8  5   9   1  6  5 = 49.  4 + 9 = 13.  1 + 3 = 4.

In this example Elle's first name adds up to a 7 and her surname MacPherson's adds up to a 4 (see meanings below).  When we add her full name Elle MacPherson together we get an 11 (Elle = 7 + MacPherson = 4).  A first name number 7 shows Elle is intelligent and creative.  When she adds her surname which adds up to 4 it shows she is also practical and committed.  Finally when we add her full name together we get the number 11 and this shows that Elle MacPherson is independent & focused.  When you combine all these factors together you can see why Elle is so successful as a business woman and entrepreneur.

Now that you've got the hang of it, try working out your own name number.  Start with your first name and see what that reveals about you.  Then try adding your surname.  Is the number different?  What influence does that have on you?  Now add your middle name, again how does that change things?  Even look at your nickname and you'll start to build a picture of what your name means and you might even be surprised at the results it gives you.

Here's a list of what each name number means:

One - active, direct, driven, impulsive, impatient, competitive
Two - nurturing, emotional, caring, sensitive, giving
Three - talkative, fun, social, inquisitive, quick-witted
Four - practical, serious, committed, reliable, fixed
Five - optimistic, restless, generous, passionate, good-humored
Six - well-balanced, harmonious, caring, loving, gentle
Seven - intelligent, creative, disruptive, impatient, unique
Eight - intense, powerful, ambitious, controlling, tenacious
Nine - intuitive, passive, secretive, insightful, elusive
Eleven - independent, focused, motivated, pushy
Twenty Two - compassionate, committed, easily influenced
Thirty Three - highly expressive, spiritual, thoughtful, entertaining
Forty Four - hardworking, stubborn, inflexible, honest

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Religion vs Spirituality

ISIL and groups like them are groups out of touch with their souls purpose.  They preach hate and hurt people under the disguise of their religion and faith.  Taking things out of context from religious teachings to justify their hatred and unbalance. We've had these groups and ideologies for centuries and they all end the same way, they are not just linked to ISIL.  Even other countries have practiced it throughout the ages.

It's time for a more spiritual and loving approach to the world's problem, not just wielding a big stick.  If we pool our resources, minds and talents then Heaven knows what we might be able to achieve.

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Quick palmistry tips

Do you know that skin ridges (dermaglyphics) on the palms of your hands can tell a lot about your nature and overall personality.  They can even reveal important information about your general health and well-being.  

Broken lines (the position on the hand is critical here) can be an indication of immune deficiencies or blood-related illnesses and these conditions can be tracked and monitored this way.  

The texture of the skin on your palm is an instant indication of how a person will conduct themselves and an easy way to remember this is course skin = a course nature whereas fine skin = a sensitive nature.

Over the years many clients have asked me about the little white flecks that appear in their finger nails.  These flecks are stress markings and where they appear on the finger nail (towards the bottom, middle or tip of the finger nail) indicates when the stress occurred.  These flecks can also be an indication of vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as as zinc or calcium.

The Head Line is a major line on the palm and relates to our thinking, brain function, memory and intelligence.  A broken Head Line reveals mental stress, scattered thinking and even break downs.  

The lines on your palm will change over the course of your lifetime and these changes become more frequent when you are undergoing major life changes.  It's important to know your hands as they are a map of your past, present and future and are there for you to follow so that you can attain a happier and healthier life.  

We often look for the answers in all the wrong places, when in truth we come with them already built in to our palms.  Don't be shy, come and learn how to read your palms then teach those insights to others so we all benefit.  Love, care and look after your palms and they in turn will look after you.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Love is the answer

One of the things that really gets to me is the mistreatment of women.  This being the 21st century you would think we would have progressed further in this area, but sadly no.  Women are still being discriminated against and abused...even their pay rates are unequal to men! 

What is it that drives men to treat women this way?  Without them we would be lost in more ways than one.  Lets work on leveling the playing field or is this the only way we think we can look good or assert our authority?  If men band together on this issue the world will be a better place to live.

This also applies to child abuse.  Again, there are no ifs or buts here.  Children cannot protect themselves....we must do it.  If we truly want a more spiritual and enlightened world these are some of the first places we must begin with.  LOVE is the answer!

Monday, 9 March 2015

The hands have it!

Throughout the ages, humans have looked at their palms to provide answers almost in the way that today we might look at a road map for direction.  In a sense, your palm is actually a blueprint for your life’s journey.  Understanding this blueprint enables you to access information not only about future trends but also about a whole range of ‘here’ and ‘now’ issues such as relationships, health, work, money and travel. 

Your hands show you the spiritual and physical directions that lie before you.  Although you ultimately determine your own destiny, at times we all need a little glimpse of the road ahead in order to give our lives meaning and purpose.  Past events and conditions have conspired to make you what you are today while the present holds the seeds of opportunity for shaping the future.  Palmistry can help illuminate past weaknesses or strengths, the knowledge of which can empower you to steer a wiser course for that future. 

The non-dominant or passive hand; (the one you don’t use to write with) shows your basic personality, natural aptitudes, characteristics, past and current events and inner life, as well as your innate potential.  It is the reflection of the innermost you.

The dominant hand; (the one you do use to write with) shows how your personality has changed or is likely to develop.  It indicates future events as well as what you are doing with your life right now.  Very often, the hands reveal marked differences between our innate potential and the degree to which it is being fulfilled

The first thing you’ll notice about your hands is the size.  Most people have roughly the same sized hands, although women’s hands are marginally smaller, in general, than those of men.  From time to time though, you’ll no doubt encounter people whose hand size is at the extreme of both ends of the scale.

Small Hands:  Contrary to what you might expect, a person whose hands are small is intensely interested in the grand scheme of things.  They see life on a big scale.  Fiercely ambitious with visions of grandeur when it comes to lifestyle, they like big houses, big cars and always have an eye on the main chance. 

Large Hands:  If these are your hands, you look at life in great detail, particularly when it comes to relationships.  You’re the sort who will ponder long and hard before making a commitment, but once you’ve run the idea through that analytical computer brain of yours and the data has come up looking good, you’re very user-friendly – and loyal. 

Thickness of the hand is also a very good indicator of exactly how much energy we have at our disposal.  To check the hand for thickness, view it from the side.  

Thin Hands:  A person with thin hands is often lacking in true warmth of the heart, a quality vital to a really deep and lasting relationship.  This is especially true if the hand is hard as well as thin, indicating stubbornness, inflexibility, reserve and a somewhat secretive approach. 

Thick Hands:  Here we find the complete opposite to be true.  A thick   If the hand is thick and soft as well, they’ll love sex and especially food, and may have difficulty maintaining a balanced weight. 

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