Monday, 10 August 2015

Finding balance in the spiritual field

They say its a wonderful thing to be truly spiritual, but is it really?

To me it’s about finding a healthy BALANCE between Heaven and Earth – Heart, Mind & Spirit.  It’s no good if you are too grounded and unable to tap into the wonders of the Ethereal world, neither is it if you are so high up that you float around in a haze unable to function on the earthy plane properly (although I’m sure this is what a lot of people think spiritual people are like).  I read both types of people regularly, and I’ve come across both types of people who work in the spiritual field.  Ideally we must work on both ends of the spectrum if we are able to balance them properly. 

Are you in balance?
Base level people tend to be greedy, self-obsessed and let their ego control their lives (a lonely road).  They don’t give credence to their spiritual side and let their egos run their work and ultimately fail in the industry.  My advice is to fix your issues or at least truly try so you can read, heal and counsel others properly.  If not you will do more harm than good and your issues will show up in the readings you do or you’ll fight with others in the field (a definite no-no).   

We are all one and work with the light for the good of all, please don’t forget it!