Monday, 1 June 2015

How to create a balanced life

My thoughts for creating a more balanced life is to try and be on good terms with all people.  I know that may be hard at times, but try to find the best in them rather than focusing on their short comings.  Keep a cool head under pressure and trust that Spirit will guide you through any obstacle or triumph.  Remember that no-one ever really loses we simply gain more experience.  Love and respect your family including the older generations (for their knowledge, experience and wisdom) and love and protect children for they are our future.  Steadfastly stick to what you believe & represent, be proud of the work you do and what you have contributed.  No-one is better than the next person, we are all equal.  Don't be afraid of what you can't change, be on good terms with the people around you and understand that sometimes it takes time for things to take effect.  Always do your best with mind, body & spirit in alignment and the world will indeed be a better place for it.

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