Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Venus: Mount of passion

The Mount of Venus is the fleshy pad located at the base of your thumb.  This section of the hand reflects the type of lover you really are...easy or complicated, passionate or cool.  It also shows whether you have hangups and insecurities or if you are self-confident and uninhibited.  This Mount is a true reflection of your passion and inner drive.  

More than any other mount on the palm, the Mount of Venus will reveal exactly how you and your partner rates in the passion stakes. Ideally, this mount should measure roughly one-third of the palm's surface.  It should neither be too hard nor too soft but resilient to the touch.

If your partner has a prominent mount of Venus, they'll be loving, caring and generous.  If you're the lucky person whose partners palm displays this characteristic, expect to be pampered and adored. Your lover will give you loads of attention and will really listen to you.

Should your partner have a palm whose Mount of Venus is full and / or wide this means that your affair will be intensely physical, with lots of hugs and kisses.

Someone with a less developed Mount of Venus is usually a person who is more reserved and cautious.  A flat mount indicates a cold emotional nature.

An interesting observation regarding this fascinating mount; during my years of studying palms, I have noticed that if one of my clients experiences a strong love affair, very often this can actually cause an increase in the size of their Mount of Venus.

Extract taken from Max Coppa's latest palmistry book 'Love Between The Lines'.  Get your signed copy today at www.maxcoppa.com

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