Sunday, 11 September 2016

Nine steps to enlightenment

There are 9 steps to enlightenment in numerology;

1 ~ youth, action, assertiveness, drive, new beginnings, confidence
2 ~ partnerships & relationships, love, marriage, children
3 ~ Communication, social, self-expression, fun
4 ~ Planning, consolidation, work, mid-life
5 ~ Vision, travel, enterprise, purpose
6 ~ Finding balance, love, harmony
7 ~ Learning from life’s experiences, wisdom, insight, ideas
8 ~ Facing mortality, wealth, self-empowerment, sex
9 ~ Spiritual enlightenment & realisations, intuition, understanding

Which challenge do you get stuck on?  

Find your balance and you won’t get stuck on any of these areas.  From 0 – 90 years of age we are all growing and learning in life and through our experiences.  If you don’t learn and aren’t prepared to change then you’ll get stuck on one (or more) of them and will have to come back and do it all again.  There are 9 steps to enlightenment and 9 decades to learn and grow through.

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