Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Crystal Magic

My wife Amanda Cosmic Codes completed a crystal healing workshop over the weekend and she was very happy with the results.  I already knew she was that good but it gave her confirmation of her power and her channeling abilities.  To those who doubt the power of crystals, remember their power is evident in crystal radios (the first radios), quartz watches and even satellites are powered by huge crystals.  If you haven't worked with crystals before, keep an open mind and experience their magical powers for yourself. 

Amanda not only looks good but she feels great and has clearly stepped up another level.  Even our two small boys have noticed her new energy and they are calmer and go to sleep easier as a result.  They already understand and connect to crystals thanks to their mum, and our youngest son who is 4 looked at her lovingly and said today 'mummy your hands are pink and are so warm and lovely'.  The word 'crystal' is an 8 which represents power and transformation.  The words 'crystals' is a 9 which has a strong spiritual quality and enhances the power of the mind.  Crystal magic indeed!


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