Thursday, 12 March 2015

Quick palmistry tips

Do you know that skin ridges (dermaglyphics) on the palms of your hands can tell a lot about your nature and overall personality.  They can even reveal important information about your general health and well-being.  

Broken lines (the position on the hand is critical here) can be an indication of immune deficiencies or blood-related illnesses and these conditions can be tracked and monitored this way.  

The texture of the skin on your palm is an instant indication of how a person will conduct themselves and an easy way to remember this is course skin = a course nature whereas fine skin = a sensitive nature.

Over the years many clients have asked me about the little white flecks that appear in their finger nails.  These flecks are stress markings and where they appear on the finger nail (towards the bottom, middle or tip of the finger nail) indicates when the stress occurred.  These flecks can also be an indication of vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as as zinc or calcium.

The Head Line is a major line on the palm and relates to our thinking, brain function, memory and intelligence.  A broken Head Line reveals mental stress, scattered thinking and even break downs.  

The lines on your palm will change over the course of your lifetime and these changes become more frequent when you are undergoing major life changes.  It's important to know your hands as they are a map of your past, present and future and are there for you to follow so that you can attain a happier and healthier life.  

We often look for the answers in all the wrong places, when in truth we come with them already built in to our palms.  Don't be shy, come and learn how to read your palms then teach those insights to others so we all benefit.  Love, care and look after your palms and they in turn will look after you.

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