Monday, 9 March 2015

The hands have it!

Throughout the ages, humans have looked at their palms to provide answers almost in the way that today we might look at a road map for direction.  In a sense, your palm is actually a blueprint for your life’s journey.  Understanding this blueprint enables you to access information not only about future trends but also about a whole range of ‘here’ and ‘now’ issues such as relationships, health, work, money and travel. 

Your hands show you the spiritual and physical directions that lie before you.  Although you ultimately determine your own destiny, at times we all need a little glimpse of the road ahead in order to give our lives meaning and purpose.  Past events and conditions have conspired to make you what you are today while the present holds the seeds of opportunity for shaping the future.  Palmistry can help illuminate past weaknesses or strengths, the knowledge of which can empower you to steer a wiser course for that future. 

The non-dominant or passive hand; (the one you don’t use to write with) shows your basic personality, natural aptitudes, characteristics, past and current events and inner life, as well as your innate potential.  It is the reflection of the innermost you.

The dominant hand; (the one you do use to write with) shows how your personality has changed or is likely to develop.  It indicates future events as well as what you are doing with your life right now.  Very often, the hands reveal marked differences between our innate potential and the degree to which it is being fulfilled

The first thing you’ll notice about your hands is the size.  Most people have roughly the same sized hands, although women’s hands are marginally smaller, in general, than those of men.  From time to time though, you’ll no doubt encounter people whose hand size is at the extreme of both ends of the scale.

Small Hands:  Contrary to what you might expect, a person whose hands are small is intensely interested in the grand scheme of things.  They see life on a big scale.  Fiercely ambitious with visions of grandeur when it comes to lifestyle, they like big houses, big cars and always have an eye on the main chance. 

Large Hands:  If these are your hands, you look at life in great detail, particularly when it comes to relationships.  You’re the sort who will ponder long and hard before making a commitment, but once you’ve run the idea through that analytical computer brain of yours and the data has come up looking good, you’re very user-friendly – and loyal. 

Thickness of the hand is also a very good indicator of exactly how much energy we have at our disposal.  To check the hand for thickness, view it from the side.  

Thin Hands:  A person with thin hands is often lacking in true warmth of the heart, a quality vital to a really deep and lasting relationship.  This is especially true if the hand is hard as well as thin, indicating stubbornness, inflexibility, reserve and a somewhat secretive approach. 

Thick Hands:  Here we find the complete opposite to be true.  A thick   If the hand is thick and soft as well, they’ll love sex and especially food, and may have difficulty maintaining a balanced weight. 

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