Sunday, 15 March 2015

What your dreams are really trying to tell you

Your dreams are the sorting house of your subconscious, and help you to work through issues that your conscious mind may be struggling with.  Dreams can empower you to the highest levels of your life and every dream has a hidden message waiting to be found.  As sleep is important to your survival, so are your dreams!

In all the years I've been interpreting dreams, I've found the best way to understand and decode them is to write them down.  I recommend you start a dream journal and you will soon see patterns emerging.  See how many positive or negative signs begin to show up.  

Your dreams will be more intense when important issues are happening in your life, ie. losses, stress, change etc.  Then look to see how often and intense the dreams are.  For example having the same dream for three days in a row or every month in the year.  Consider who is in the dream and how they relate to you.

Some people dream in black and white, however the majority of us dream in colour.  Look at the colours in your dreams as they reveal their own special message.  If your dreams have a lot of red in them and you are dreaming about work, this will relate to intensity or power struggles in the workplace and perhaps even a warning of some kind.  You'll be fascinated by the synchronicity and patterns emerging, and will be able to see more clearly when you have worked through issues, as new types of dreams will begin.

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  1. Interesting! I mostly forget as soon as I wake up, except if its made a real impression on me!...Enjoying reading the blog. Thanks!